Lubricants for the steel industry
Lubricants for steel making plants, continuous casting, hot and cold rolling lines. Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and technical greases.


Lubrication applications linked to steel making are among the most demanding. They very often combine high temperatures, fire risk, load, presence of water or contaminants and respect for the environment.

With several decades of experience, CONDAT has developed products known and recognised for their highly technical nature, since they answer these constraints perfectly.

Our fire-resistant fluids as well as our technical greases are used throughout the world:

  • in steel making plants: electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, continuous casting lines
  • on hot rolling lines: hydraulics of the stands, greasing of the work roll cylinder bearings
  • on cold rolling mills

Our product philosophy in 4 points:

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Lifetime
  • Environmentally friendly

These 4 principles are why we are recognised by several equipment producers and steel groups.

Product benefits

  • FM Factory Mutual approvals
  • Biodegradability
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Heavy load and temperatures resistance
  • High adhesion properties
  • Centrifugation resistance

Associated services

Beyond the lubricants linked to the steel making process, CONDAT also has a large range of products for the maintenance of associated equipment and workshops:

Furthermore, CONDAT ensures the monitoring and analysis in service of its Condat D and Condat Guard C46.

  • Optimise your consumption and possibly space out your oil drains
  • Guarantee optimal lubrication of your equipment

Application sub-fields

Steel making plant
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